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As Nevada's most established Professional Employer Organization (PEO), AdvanStaff HR assists and streaminlines in nearly every aspect of employee administration, human resources consulting, risk management, employee benefit program management, and payroll processing. Our turn-key solution maximizes owner, manager, and employee productivity by allowing them to focus on core competencies by adding value to organization.

By transferring many of the risk-filled and non-revenue responsibilities of employee management to AdvanStaff HR, businesses are controlling costs, managing regulatory compliance risk, and vastly improving employee satisfaction. Our solution levels the playing field by enabling small to medium-sized businesses to compete with any large, Fortune 500 corporation in terms of HR expertise, employee benefits offerings, and employee management systems, all for a fraction of what it would cost them to do it alone.

AdvanStaff HR services focus on the following areas:

Regulatory compliance in today's environment is complicated, costly, requires expertise, and is extremely time consuming. A single blunder could result in complete devastation to a business. Thanks to Advanstaff HR, owners and managers are no longer forced to be in the "Business of Employment," they are getting back to their business.

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  • Self Service (home)


    Web Edition is an online application that enables employees of AdvanStaff clients secure, password protected access to:

    • Review their name, address, phone numbers, email, and emergency contact information all on one page.
    • View / reprint pay stubs and manage direct deposit instrucitons
    • View your current and prior earnings statements.
    • Access / reprint year-end W-2 tax statements
    • Review enrolled benefits, PTO balances, flex-spnding history, etc

    Access Web Edition by Clicking Here
  • Payroll Debit Card (home)


    The Global Cash Card is the smart alternative to payroll checks with the convenience, acceptance, and security of a PIN-secured pay card.

    Employees receive pay (via direct deposit) on a debit Master Card pay card. Employees can get cash at millions of ATMs worldwide, make purchases through any VISA / MasterCard terminal, pay bills online, transfer money to a secondary card, and more!

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  • Rx Discount Card (home)


    The AdvanStaff HR Prescription Savings Card lowers the cost of prescription medications for employees, their family members, and their friends. Our interactive web tools allow you to do the following:

    1. Locate a Pharmacy near you
    2. Estimate the cost of the prescription
    3. Identify possible alternatives to discuss with your doctor or pharmacist

    The card is free, convenient, and provides discount savings of 10-70% off retail prescription prices.

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  • referral_program2

    Here's the deal. AdvanStaff HR offers a valuable service that benefits both the employer and the employee.

    Employers are constantly looking for effective business solutions to stay ahead of the competition while employees are interested in gaining access to high quaity and affordable benefit program. Most employers want to offer benefits but dont have the means or buying power to manage such programs. AdvanStaff is the answer to both needs!

    AdvanStaff HR's referral reward program can put money in your pocket in return for high-quality referrals that enroll in our service. It's a win-win-win!

    Find out more about the referral program

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