This page constantly updates. Please check back often.

COVID-19 Resources for Employees

We have created this page to deliver information to worksite employees and to keep them informed as we continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.

Health and well being is our top priority, it should be yours too!

First and foremost. We want everyone to know, our #1 priority is the health and well-being of our work-site employees, our staff, and their families.

Helpful materials and links:
Stay in contact with your employer and direct reports

As always, please report to your worksite manager regarding your specific work schedule and job.

If you need to get COVID-19 tested, please start by visiting the CDC website.

Common state testing websites:

Need Help finding a testing site? Maybe we can help. Please open a support ticket.

If you have been laid off or if you have had your wages reduced, you may be eligible to unemployment benefits from the state in which you work. It is not possible for AdvanStaff HR to determine if you are eligible or the amount if you are eligible.

We are in a fluid situation and learning of federal programs that are designed to provide aid for this situation. We recommend applying for unemployment benefits as soon as possible.

Please select your state of filing below:

Employee Assistance Program Resources

Sierra Health & Life (SHL)
Health Plan of Nevada (HPN)

Applies to: HMO, PPO, POS plans offered by AdvanStaff HR. Small & Large Group Plans.

  • For information about COVID-19 and your health plan, click here.
  • Member Services – 1-800-777-1840 – available for benefits and claims questions
  • 24 Hour Advice Nurse – 1-800-288-2264, TTY 711 – available 24/7 for assistance in determining your best care options. You may be directed to have a virtual visit, urgent care visit or make an appointment with your provider.
  • Mental Health – 1-800-873-2246 – available for members seeking questions and care from mental health support professionals

Please visit the carrier’s websites for continued information and updates.

United Health Care (UHC)

Please visit the UHC website for extended care and important information.

Frequently asked questions from employees

We will post answers to questions received from employees below.

If you are a participant in any of AdvanStaff HR’s medical programs (Sierra Health & Life, or United Health Care) programs, then you have many resources available to you.

For example, most (if not all) plans we sponsor include FREE virtual doctor visits (Now Clinic) and FREE employee assistance programs (EAP).

To get started:

  • Please call the number on the back of your insurance card for direct support from the carrier.
  • visit our Help Center and look under “Medical Insurance” for resources that are available to you.
  • Submit a Support Ticket for our employee benefits team and we will get right back to you. With extremely high call volume, it may be a challenge to reach us. Don’t worry! We respond to tickets promptly!

Sierra Health (SHL) and United Health (UHC) have provided additional resources for employee.

At this point, hours will remain unchanged.

However, if schools close and as other developments approach, we may limit access to the office in order to protect the health and safety of our employees and their families. We will post any alternate hours on the homepage.

If you are not feeling well then it is important you take care of yourself.

Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority.

  • Please be sure to report to worksite manager so they know and can plan accordingly.
  • Identify the symptoms and contact a health professional.
  • If you have health insurance benefits from your worksite employer, please call the number on the back of the card for options. You may also read the FAQ item below.

Please tell your worksite manager. AdvanStaff offers many other enrollment options like electronic onboarding, form-fillable PDF, etc. However, the options available to your worsite are at the discretion of your employer.