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End The Excuses And Boost Performance

“It’s not my job” is the excuse.

JuvodHR is the cure. You get industry-specific job titles, summaries and a crowd-sourced list of the top 10 tasks that define what each employee must do. Customize those tasks to your particular business needs.

“You never told me” is an employee blaming you for their confusion.

The blame game ends today. Customize your job description and JuvodHR will generate a valid employee performance review based on your tasks. All Performance Improvement Notices connect back to that job description.

Defense against false unemployment claims.

A proper, consistent performance review system in place gives you:

    1. A job description which produces a valid performance review.
    2. Legally defensible phrases for employee evaluation and motivation.
    3. Performance Improvement Notices tied directly to the job description.
    4. A more productive employee and reduced turnover.
    5. Lower unemployment claims and an increased bottom line.

Use this tool all year to help you document your employees performance. If poor performance requires firing an employee for cause, your documentation can be used to fight false unemployment claims.

Last Updated On April 28, 2019

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