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LMS System Updates & Product Road Map

We are very excited to roll out the LMS product to all clients at an extremely affordable, flat rate per location per month (NOT PEPM).

Here are some dates to consider:

Sept 1 – Product Launch (Phase 1)

This product is too good NOT to roll out as is. All subscribing clients can use the system while we develop the product and roll out new features.

What is working NOW:

  • All content is loaded, managers have full access to training courses and videos
  • Managers can build learning tracts and assign employees by groups to those tracts.

What is not working now:

  • Custom colors, logos, and branding throughout the user interface.

Late September 2019 (Complete!)

Since signing the deal in Early Aug,  we’ve been working on a new employer admin portal to make it easier for your clients to:

  • Add employees individually or in bulk.
  • Send employees custom invitation emails.
  • Create and provision courses to employee groups, such as manager, employee and new hire groups.
  • Run reports on employees’ course completion.

October 2019 (Due OCT 23)

Clients will be able to set due dates and trigger automated email reminders to ensure that employees complete their assigned training courses on time.

2019 Q4 – 2020 Q1 (Phase 2)

API integration will be complete to automatically import employee data, eliminate manual processes, and streamline the on-boarding process for managers into the LMS.

2020 Q2-Q3

API Integration to auto-record completed learning courses into the main HRIS. (Records will be available in the LMS from day 1)

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