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Annual Poster Replacement & eUpdate Service

The number of mandatory posting changes has increased dramatically over the past several years. Each employer NEEDS a fool-proof compliance solution. The poster program by AdvanStaff HR is not just a Labor Law Poster, it’s another critical piece in the compliance jigsaw puzzle.

The Program

Upon enrollment, each client worksite location will receive a new, updated all-in-one state & federal labor law compliance poster. A replacement poster will then be sent automatically every year thereafter on the anniversary.

This approach keeps each worksite in full compliance and keeps each posting in the workplace area nice and clean.

The posters are custom printed (and laminated) according specific state, city, or district regulatory requirements. This is a combo federal / state poster.

How are regulatory updates communicated to the work-site manager?

When a mandatory change occurs in State or Federal Labor Law posting requirements, AdvanStaff HR will pro-actively email the worksite’s key contact an updated, ready-to-print posting.

– OR –

For an additional change, we can send an entirely newly printed poster each time a poster update is required.

Question: Which employers are required to have employment posters?

All employers with at least one active employee must have employment posters posted in a common area easily visible and accessible to all employees.

This is not only an AdvanStaff HR recommendation, it is required by State and Federal law.

Is the new poster and update program required?

No. However, participation is HIGHLY encouraged. Any client can opt-out of the program at any time. Clients who opt out will be responsible for any fines or corrective actions required by state or federal agencies as a result of not having a compliant, updated posting on site.

Worksite managers and owners should know that this program is sponsored by AdvanStaff HR to protect it’s worksite partners  and designed to be very affordable (and in most cases FREE!) While completely eliminating risk is impossible, managing risk though programs such as this is much lest costly than having to deal with corrective issues and fines down the road.

Last Updated On May 03, 2019

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